Duplicated Kindle Highlights Titles - Due to Kindle Highlights and Readwise? Able to customize highlights without duplication

I am relatively new to Notion, but this appears to be the solution that I have spent a long time searching for. Previously used Evernote, Roam and Notion.

For connecting Kindle highlights, I downloaded and set-up both “Readwise” and “Kindle Highlights” plugins.

My Kindle highlights were downloaded to the default/root folder, and after moving them to sub-folders and adding tags: sales, communication, history, etc., new files reappeared in the root folder.
Ex. “Book A” in “/Books”, “Book A (1)” in “/”

What I’m trying to do

  1. Separate books into subfolders, “/Books/Fiction” and “/Books/Non-Fiction” and possibly subfolders as needed: “/Books/Non-Fiction/Health”, “/Books/Non-Fiction/Music”
  2. Add tags to books that will not result in redownloaded files when synced
    a. Ex. Book: “The History of the United States”
    Tags: History, United_States, (Year Published)=Y(Number)
    b. Highlight specific tag
    Ex. Tags: 1776, HAMILTON_Alexander, FRANKLIN_Benjamin
  3. Add a Tag line in the Kindle Highlights template so this does not have to be done automatically or confirm if it has to be done manually.
  4. Understand the process of separating individual highlights using tags or linking a specific highlight in-page to other notes.

Things I have tried

  1. Added tags to Kindle Highlights notes and moved the file to a subfolder–> this appeared to result in duplicate entries.
  2. Turned off redundant apps - Ex. Readwise - off, Kindle Highlights -on
  3. Checked Kindle Highlights settings, which refers to Templates, but does not seem to include a section for tags.
  4. Moved imported Kindle FIles from root folder to subfolder titled “/Books” and pointed “Kindle Highlights” to the “Books” subfolder.
  5. Closed and restarted the app. Checked plug-in settings to see if they would be duplicated.
  6. Added a tag: “test” to a Kindle Highlights file
  7. Closed and restarted the app twice. Checked plug-in settings to confirm that data was synced and that note was note re-downloaded.
  8. Moved one file to a “/Books/Non-Fiction”
  9. Closed and restarted the app twice. Checked plug-in settings to see if the note was downloaded to “Books”. Confirmed “No”
  10. Moved more files to “/Books/Non-Fiction” and “/Books/Fiction”
  11. Closed and restarted app. Notes were not re-downloaded to “/Books”

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