[duplicate] Aliases for note names

I would love to be able to have notes carry multiple names. It would be great to be able to give a note multiple titles (or aliases) which can be extended later on.

Let me give you my rationale for this:
When I am taking notes currently I have to keep in mind to use the same termininology as the page names so I can easily link them later on through mentions (which causes a high cognitive load - and this grows the more notes you have).
For example (maybe not the best) I have a note called “augmented reality”. Every time I capture a new note I have to write “augmented reality” to get a “mention” if I just abbreviate to “AR” or just use the term “mixed reality” Obisidan cannot help me to establish the link later on.
(By the way my process is “write first” - I only add links occasionally while writing not religiously.)

I think it would be super useful to be able to generate these links after the fact.

Would love to hear your opinion on that.


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