Dumb question from community newbie

I am new to Obsidian, is there any general guideline when I should use the forum vs the Discord group?

Also I am looking for a new starter guide, can someone point me in the right direction. I only able to find a few from youtube

Hi Thirsty Lizard,

After you install obsidian, then at the bottom left there is a “?” which takes you to a help guide, click on the folder at the top (to the left of the magnifying glass) if not already selected and you can read through the tutorial.

I don’t see a lot of video tutorials … if you still have problems, reply with some questions and I’ll make a video for you and put it on youtube.


P.S. I’m not much further along than you but happy to help support this cool product :slight_smile:


really appreciate this @DavidL . The ? is one area that I did not take notice until now. It is fun, this is a great tool that I would definitely explore a lot.

Do you have any suggestion regarding the communities, Discord vs the forum ?

This forum is more searchable and manageable than the Discord, so anything that deserves archiving should end up here. In particular, any bug reports and feature requests must be published here (#bug-reports and #feature-requests) to be tracked. You can also post help questions in #help. There’s also a #knowledge-management category for all kinds of useful discussions, and a #share-showcase category for sharing or showing off anything related to Obsidian.

Naturally, searching the forum before asking a question, reporting a bug, or asking for a feature is crucial as someone has likely thought about the same issue before.

The Discord chat is a faster-paced, more casual environment. Many things are discussed there first before being published here. Feel free to discuss anything the channels there facilitate.