Drop downs in mobile are not readable

Steps to reproduce

Just try to fill any dropdown in a mobile sxreen (a narrow one)

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Expected result

Being able to reqd the full line of eqch option

Actual result

See screenshot



Additional information

Templater is not a core plugin.

Are you suggestibg that this is not ak issue with all the obsidian dropdowns?

Yes I don’t think this is an issue with all drop downs. Can you post an example of this happening in vanilla obsidian?

I don’t know any place in the native obsidian with drop-downs, can you point me to one

Settings > Appearance > Base colour scheme

Thanks, but that is a selext, it does not odfer autocompletion.
Then problem is with fields that has autocompletion because they need to be rendered inline

Those aren’t drop downs, they’re text fields.

The problem is that the plugin author has put more than 1 text field on the same line. Obsidian’s core settings don’t do that. You’ll need to file an issue on the plugin’s GitHub.

So those are technically text fields with autocompletion? Just to use the proper terminology when opening the issue

Yes. (The one eightning mentioned is a drop-down.)

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