DreamTeam Obsidian and Dynalist in one

Use case or problem

Dynalist would be the perfect “inbox” for Obsidian.
Many writers use an Outliner as the first step for a new article. Dynalist is doing that very good, especially with the Chrome clipper.

Proposed solution

Include Dynalist into Obsidian as “inbox”.

I don’t like to use 2 overlapping tools. My experience is, that I will replace both with a tool with both features.


I use iframe to embed Dynalist to do that use case. You might want to try.

<iframe src="https://dynalist.io/" style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; border:none;  height:100%;">


Would be curious how you got that to work as it doesn’t for me and there are other threads on the forum stating it doesn’t work with dynalist. I’ve tried setting the sharing on the linked page to public and allowing anyone with the link to view/edit but still only get an empty iframe.

Not a coder and like a number of the more powerful new features the explanations for those outside the coding community are hazy at best.

I don’t know why it works for me, I just got that iframe code from Silver in Discord, and it works. If needed, here’s my steps applying it:

  1. Copy the iframe code above to a empty note, then turn the note into edit mode.
  2. You will see Dynalist homepage, then click login in the top corner.
  3. Type email and password. Don’t try to login with google, it doesn’t work (I don’t know, iframe can’t access google).
  4. Now you can use Dynalist (no need to login again).

Check your copied iframe code. Make sure it is exactly the same when pasted. There may be extra characters in the pasted code that need to be removed.

It is working as @jokysatria described. Thank you.

Now we need a menu point to open it from everywhere:

Hmmmm, this:

just gives this for me:

Could it be the escape characters in the code you pasted? Delete the \ at “<iframe src…” and “style…”

It should be src = “…” and style = “…”

Copy the iframe code from the post above. Open TextEdit on macOS. Paste the text. Make sure the document is “Make Plain Text”. Then copy the body of that plain text and paste it into an Obsidian Note. It will work.

Could do similar with BBEdit, or Notepad, or TextSoap, etc.

(Either in the post above, or just because Discourse sometimes propagates gremlins, text sometimes needs cleaning.)

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@pattman That did it, thanks. Now I just have to resolve the sign-in that was originally Google :persevere:

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This works great and is a great improvement to my workflow. Until these two apps are combined (hoping hoping) this gets very close. Thanks very much @jokysatria

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Not sure if it’s helpful, but you can use the reset password option to set a password for Google linked accounts.

Yes I got an answer from the Dynalist discord yesterday and that worked. Thanks for your help (twice).

P.S. Discord username is an older one :wink:

And you can do it also for Workflowy:
[[iframe src=“https://dynalist.io/” style=“position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; border:none; height:100%;”]] Just replace dynalist.io with Worksflowy.com and you can log in. **Replace [[ with < and ]] with > ** of the line of code.

Thanks for the tip! It works wonderfully.

I’m going to try to use Dynalist on Android as an inbox for Obsidian.

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Makasih mas Joky! Thanks a lot! It worked like a charm!

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Wkwk sama-sama. :laughing:

Ternyata ada juga orang Indo yang pake Obsidian. Senang bisa ketemu di sini :smile: