Drawing/Sketching support for users who use styluses/tablets

See this.

Have you tried handwriting recognition on modern devices, like, iPads, Samsung tablets, or in the apps like MyScript Nebo? They’re insanely good at recognizing even the seemingly unrecognizable cursive, like mine.



This is not coming to obsidian but I recommend the handwritten notes plugin

Works really well on my iPad.

How do you edit your PDF on the iPad ?
I also installed obsidian-handwritten-notes
I use Markup but can’t go back to Obsidian when done annotating the PDF (I need to close Obsidian everytime)

Why do you need to close obsidian?
you should be able to markup, close the markup (whether you save or not) and then it should take you right back to obsidian. Tested on 2017 10.5" iPad Pro and 2023 12.9" iPad Pro.

Part of the reason I started using Obsidian was because I thought I could completely replace all of my note taking in one place. I’m surprised this isn’t a native feature.

And no, Excalidraw IS NOT an option for this; way too much lag.


I second that a simple sketchpad should exist by default.
a simple illustration can capture 2 pages worth of text.


If you haven’t come across it yet, check out my plugin “Ink” for handwriting directly between text in your markdown notes.

It’s a little bit hard to find int he plugin directory, so it’s best to search my name “Dale de Silva”


The lack of ability to doodle with my apple pencil within Obsidian notes is the only thing preventing me from ditching the Apple Notes app entirely