Drawing Quadrant Chart with Chinese Text in Obsidian

I’m trying to use Mermaid to draw a quadrant chart in Obsidian, and here’s my code:

	  quadrant-1 Plan
	  %% quadrant-1 中文
	  quadrant-2 Do
	  quadrant-3 Delegate
	  quadrant-4 Delete

The current code can draw the chart properly. However, when I try to input Chinese content in quadrant-1 (by uncommenting %% quadrant-1 中文), the image cannot be rendered. How can I draw a quadrant chart with Chinese text?

Obsidian version: 1.5.11

The issue has already been addressed in the Chinese forum (`mermaid`代码块画象限图,象限内出现中文导致图片无法绘制 - #2,来自 Probe - 疑问解答 - Obsidian 中文论坛), which suggests enclosing the user’s string within quotation marks as a solution.