Drawing Canvas/Canvas Pen

It is highly unlikely that canvas will ever get a native drawing feature—so, at some point, I think it’d be cool if we had a plugin for this. Here are some features I think would be useful in a canvas drawing plugin:

Vector Mode

Draw over a canvas with vector lines. Smoother strokes, always high resolution, recommended for handwriting, hand-drawn diagrams, and simple figures.

Raster Mode

Draw lines rendered in pixels over a canvas. Slightly lower resolution, but optimal for sketching complex designs and figures.



  • vector pen with adjustable width and opacity.


  • pen
  • pencil
  • highlighter
  • airbrush
  • paint brush
  • chalk
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I don’t want 2 threads about the same things. There’s already a FR for this. Plugin devs are aware of it and can pick it up.