Draw in Markdown

A plugin that lets us draw on Obsidian right in the markdown file. Like, on the same page where we do our normal notetaking (Not like Excalidraw).

There’s was this discontinued app called Notekit that showed it was possible. Here’s the repo: GitHub - blackhole89/notekit: A GTK3 hierarchical markdown notetaking application with tablet support. I never used this app. but there’s this YouTube video I watched where he draws a couple of things in Notekit next to or below written text (at 01:37) and opens the file in Obsidian (03:44), Zettlr (05:10) and Joplin (06:28) where these drawings can be seen.

I have linked the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ly10LxvzNGg&t=568s

This would be a gamechanger.


That is mind-blowing. It is exactly how I wanted handwriting in Obsidian to be - fully integrated around your typewritten notes. Thanks for the share! Watching this post :eyes:

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Someone over on Reddit just linked me to this.
I’m making a plug-in that lets you handwrite and draw directly in the markdown files.

It’s not released yet but it’s getting close to an alpha release. I’ve been using it for a while myself and couldn’t work without it.

The reddit post is here for anyone interested:
(Includes link to my dev diary vids and another plugin)

And you can directly see the plug-in readme and demo video here: