Dragonglass Launcher: edit files on the fly without launching your vault!

Dragonglass Launcher is made for people who sometimes need to just add some text to a specific file and be done with it.

I wrote this tiny software with AutohotKey as a companion to Obsidian (thus the name). With just one customizable keystroke you can display your vault folder and subfolders, select a file and then type or paste some text, press ctrl+s and you’re done.

There are 2 ways of displaying a folder: Dagger and Arrow


It has an editable text content and 4 buttons for loading specific folders (pardon my French: it’s all written in my mother language).
Screenshot 2023-03-04 125247


Simple contextual menu

It is easily customizable. If you’re interested, you can just get it from my github. I’m open to any questions and suggestions. I hope some of you find a use for it!

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