Dragging of images to external applications

Use case or problem

I can easily drag an image from somewhere into a note and have it appear in the note.

Problem is, when I then try to drag it from the note into some other application (e.g., Paint.NET), it gives the impression that it will let me drag it but then won’t let me drop it in the other application.

I would also expect to be able to select an image in the tree and then drag it out to the other application, but that gives the same result.

Proposed solution

I am guessing that what is being put on the clipboard (not the right word, looking for a better one) is a URL or string, and other applications want a proper file reference of some sort?

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I use the context menu to show the file in Explorer, drag from Explorer into Paint.NET, manually close the Explorer window afterwards (if I remember).

Related feature requests (optional)

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I think this is similar to this open feature request:

You could try this plugin for now (also mentioned in the link):

Also, I changed the topic title. It was " I wish dragging images out worked :frowning: " Hope you don’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face: