Dragging links into main body & dynamic search created pages

Can you drag linked and unlinked mentions across from the links pane to a new note for inclusion? If not, I think this would be a great feature as it would allow some efficiency in reusing the links to construct new notes - for example you can take sporadic agenda items for a specific person from multiple notes and construct into a single note to use as an agenda for a meeting.

Failing that - is there a way to create a page ‘automatically’ by running a search? ie. if I search for Joe Bloggs and a tag of #agenda it gives me all the references in a single output which i can then save as a dynamic page?

Well I’ve updated to the last beta version and can see nested tags and query blocks so that seems to have answered some of the above!

My outstanding issue now is how to use the query blocks to do an AND query - how can I match against page AND tag?

so I currently have the following text prepended by the " ```query "

[[Joe Bloggs]]

But I also want to search for a particular tag - tried a few options but can’t see anything that works