Drag & Drop with File Tree Alternative Plugin


it seems that there is no drag&drop for the File Tree Alternative Plugin.
I can’t move files from a given place into a new folder.

Anybody with an idea for a workaround?

I.e. I need to select 5 files in a folder and simply move them to a new one.

I know how to do that one after the other…but that’s not smart :slight_smile:


it’s a problem that I have encounter before numerous times too, really like to know if there is a solution to it, also I have noticed that drag and drop sometimes don’t update the links, which is a issue for another thread I suppose.

I noticed that I can‘t use drag and drop from file explorer to a note (to create a link), so that makes it unusable for me.
I hope the programer can find a solution, as I really like the plugin.

New version solves the problem:

Release Updates

Version 2.0.0

  • You can use now Mouse Wheel button to open file in a new pane
  • There are now expand and collapse all buttons for folder view.
  • There is an additional button to create a folder in the root folder
  • Small style change for the line used for indenting children folders
  • There is an option to select what should happen to the file deleted (system trash, obsidian trash etc.)

Version 1.8.9

  • File can be dragged to Editor and link to file will be inserted
  • File can be dragged into Folder view and dropped to move
  • Folder can be dragged into another Folder
  • Known Issue: drag needs to be initiated firstly out of the side pane. It doesn’t work if the drag happens only within the file tree pane.

Hmm, I’m also having trouble being able to drag & drop w/ this plugin (which I otherwise very much like!). I’m not understanding what the dev’s note that “drag needs to be initiated firstly out of the side pane.” Is there a way to drag a file NOT from the side pane that I don’t know about? Presumably they’re not talking about dragging an external file, i.e. from Finder?

Hey, I was just trying to figure this out myself. I got it to work by initiating the drag from the File Tree panel, but then drag TOWARDS the open text file to the right. Once you’ve pulled the file (from File Tree panel) into the text window, it shows the file under your cursor as ready to be dropped. And you can then drag it back into the File Tree panel, onto a folder.


You are a saviour. That saves so much time!!

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