Drag & Drop not working when Firefox is running under XWayland (Linux)

Steps to reproduce

Open Firefox browser in (Arch) Linux with XWayland and the drag & drop features in Obsidian stop working. When Firefox is closed, the drag & drop features are working again.

Expected result

The drag & drop should work.

Actual result

Can’t drag & drop files into folders in the sidebar
Can’t drag files over the editor area, etc.
Instead, the dragged file’s obsidian URL (obsidian:// …) wants to open in Firefox.


  • Operating system:
    • Arch Linux
    • Sway Window Manager 1:1.6-1
    • XWayland 21.1.1-1
    • Firefox 88
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian-0.11.13.AppImage

Additional information

There is no problem when Firefox is running in native Wayland (MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 firefox), and no problem with Chromium. No problem when Firefox is running under Xorg.

We don’t have that fine level of control of drag and drop. This is all handled by lower level systems.

Either open this bug report at XWayland or Firefox or Electron.

Download the latest version of obsidian from the website, see if electron 12 solves the issue.

It didn’t solve for me, but maybe it’s something with Wayland or Sway WM. I will do a system upgrade later, maybe that will help. Not a big problem, because I switched to Chromium (not only because of this but for other reasons, too) and I can use Firefox in native Wayland if I need.