Drag and drop tab onto canvas to create note card

Use case or problem

Often times before adding a note to my canvases, I have the note open in another tab. Once I am ready to add that note to the canvas, I regularly find myself trying to drag and drop the tab into the canvas. Unfortunately this does not work.

Proposed solution

It would be great if you could simply drag and drop a tab into a canvas to create a card showing the note that was open in that tab.

Current workaround

You can use the “Drag to add note from vault” icon and manually type the name of the note. Another option is to made the tab active, then use “Files: Reveal current file in navigation” hotkey, then drag and drop the note from the Explorer.



add file to canvas by tab drag.
doesn’t seem to be too hard to implement. i’ll make a plugin if you guys don’t :slight_smile:

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Tangential scope creep suggestions:

  • Drag tab into note to create a link.
  • Drag tab into a folder in sidebar to move it.

Here’s a few existers:


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Ha, I’d already upvoted the “drag to folder” one at some point! :sweat_smile:

I merged kootoopas’s duplicate thread into this one. Thanks!

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