Drag and drop creates link instead of copying image

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I am trying to get some of my images from notion into obsidian. I show them in the browser (the “Original” function in notion) and then drag it into a note. But instead copying the image it creates a link to the original image on the notion server.

Any ideas how to get the image copied into my vault?
Maybe I am missing a setting or something?
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I don’t know of a way to do it. I notice that in Notion there is no “copy image” when you right click. It only copies the link.

I do know that this is how Obsidian works, so it isn’t a mistake you’re making.

Depends on your OS as well. In MacOS you can take a screenshot of a section of your screen, and it copies it to the clipboard. So it’s very easy to screenshot an image. Then you can paste that into Obsidian, and it makes a new file. I don’t know if there is a similar function in Windows without a 3rd party app.

Otherwise, I suggest searching the forum for “Notion” because there are workflows and tools to export notes into Obsidian. You might have to export/save the notes first, and then import them. https://forum.obsidian.md/search?q=notion%20to%20obsidian

This post seems to suggest that images still don’t work when exporting from Notion.

Hey, thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile: I am on MAC OS too. I opened the notion image in Chrome and wanted to drag it from there. I am on this webiste:


and wanted to drag it from there. But it just creates a link in obsidian to that S3 server and does not copy the image into my vault.

Therefore I was thinking I maybe missed a setting.

I am going through my notion notes one by one as I want to process some and don’t create a mess (again :wink: ).

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All my images have exported successfully.

Follow the export instructions for Notion and you’ll be able to find all your images in the zip file that they send you. Simply drag all the images into your Vault attachment folder. Or onto each page where you want them.

If you want them embedded in your pages in your new Obsidian vault in the same way they were in Notion, follow the direction in that link Notion 2 Obsidian Migration Instructions

Also, from Notion Web you can just select the floating Original button that appears when you hover mouse over the image. Once that is clicked, you can drag and drop the image into Obsidian as you originally intended.

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