Drag and Drop Blocks within a Note

Things I have tried

Hello, I have searched on Discord, this forum and the Help file of the app for “drag and drop blocks” and have been unable to find a way to drag and drop blocks or a definitive statement that such a feature is not currently available. I did see that this functionality has been requested as a feature last year multiple times, but didn’t see a confirmation or rejection of the requests.

What I’m trying to do

I would very much like to ne able to reorder blocks of text to better organize the ideas and flow of various notes and cutting and pasting is laborious. Is it currently possible to drag and drop blocks and if so how (enable a plugin, change settings, keystrokes I don’t know?). If this feature is not currently available, what if any probability exists it will be created? Any help will be much appreciated.

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This definitely would save time. I can probably safely assume you know the alt Up/Down arrow hotkey for swapping lines (or selected text), but understand that is not what you are looking for.

I have not seen a request for this drag and drop functionality for blocks. During your search, you may have come across this thread for drag and drop bullets and headings: Drag and drop bullets and headings

As a workaround you could select the block via triple click or using a custom macro or vim mode. Once the block is selected, the drag and drop does work. Another option would be to try to find or setup a mouse macro that could accomplish the triple click/click hold in a single click hold (might require a modifier key hold or extra mouse button). Don’t quote me on the mouse macro but after doing a little research, it did seem feasible. Maybe link the feature request or workaround if you find one. I would definitely be interested.

Good luck.

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@I-d-as Thank you for your thoughtful reply. As you mentioned there are ways to workaround the absence of drag and drop inside notes.

I would be thrilled to have this as a native functionality, or core or community plug-in.

Unfortunately I am not technically savvy enough to understand how such functionality could be created (or how difficult it would be, or what related consequences it might cause which would need to be addressed when creating the functionality.

Drag and drop within notes does seem like it is an extremely valuable functionality which would be continuously helpful to have as an aid to free form idea capture.

One can simply let the ideas flow, record them and reorganize blocks of ideas at will.

In any case, thanks again for your fast reply and willingness to help.

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I very much agree. No problem. You’re welcome. You could check out AutoHotkey if on Windows or Keyboard Maestro if on Mac. I was introduced to AHK here on the forum and very much enjoyed learning it. It isn’t too difficult to begin making use of. Anyways, I will probably make a request once I check if you have made one or if I don’t see one from you in the next little while (no rush though).

If you do make one, maybe consider including a possible suggestion for some sort of anchor, but I guess that’s obvious since you would have to click drag something. However, now that I think of it, another option could be something like holding down alt shift while hovering a block could create a visual indicator like a highlight or a dotted surrounding rectangle. This would allow you to know the block or potentially blocks (if you request multi block selection) is ready. Also if there are repeated empty lines in a note, it would be nice to be able to drag and place the blocks specifically on a line as opposed to being snapped so as to immediately follow or precede another block.

Good luck.

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