Downweight short "stopwords" and prioritize whole-word matches in search

It would be useful to downweight (I guess better than excluding) “stopwords” (articles, prespositions, short words) in search, especially in longer queries.

Use case or problem

I use obsidian to keep track of scientific papers I find, skim or read. If I search for a long title that contains things like ‘of’ and ‘in’, the first result that pops up contains these two-character strings, even as only syllables.

Proposed solution

Prioritizing a) longer words b) whole-word matches c) and even whole query matches! would I think make the search function a lot more efficient.

Current workaround (optional)

I can of course put the title in quotation marks, which is a workaround (or maybe event a decent way to actually work) in this particular case. However, I think the improvement could still be useful anyway.