Double key presses as shortcut keys? (e.g. shift shift)

Hello there,

I am coming from Writerside (and Jetbrains IDE’s)…I really like being able to press shift twice to bring up their search everything window… It helps reduce RSI and finger stretching, plus its easy to remember :slight_smile:

It would be fantastic to be able to do the same for the search window in Obsidian.

Thank you for your consideration and fantastic software.

I’m not sure if “shift shift” is supported, but maybe the Leader Hotkeys plugin can get you some of the way towards using double keys as shortcuts?

There is a plugin that does that. It’s called Doubleshift.

I didn’t know about that plugin, but somehow I’m not surprised. If only it was easier to locate such plugins by categorization or something similar. But that’s a topic for another post in Feature requests

Wow awesome, thanks guys, I’ll check it out.

I ended up hacking up an AHK script to do it…which is always a bit finicky, so will check that out…

Thanks heaps!

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Yeah, categories would help a lot. Sometimes I’m browsing the plugins and I have found some gems that way but it would make it a lot easier if you could sort them.

Finally got time to do it. There are two plugins in the community section.
Doubleshift and Search Everywhere.

Search everywhere did the trick for me. Doubleshift looks to be more powerful/configurable, but I could be blind, but can’t see the search option there to assign the double shift to.

Search Everywhere does what I want for the most part though, so that’ll do.

Thanks everyone for your help. Very much appreciate it!

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Although you found a way I’ll post it anyways.
You can click on select command and chose Search: search in all files and it should work. But If you found a solution that works for you, more power to you!

I just had another look;

I am adamant it isn’t there…although still cling to the fact that I may be blind :slight_smile:

However…if one uses the search on the select command it comes up…

So there ya go…why it’s like that I don’t know…but hopefully that’ll help someone out if they find this thread…

Thanks everyone!

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