Double clicking to open canvas elements in the same tab

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to open canvas elements (text notes, images, etc) in the same tab through double-clicking (so that I’d be able to use Navigate Back/Forward buttons)

Obsidian already does that for .canvas notes, and having the same functionality for the rest note types would be greatly appreciated.

I spend a lot of time note-taking on mobile app, and I mainly use Canvas to organize my everyday notes in folder view, so ability to easily go deep into the canvas trees, open notes I seek, then go back would be greatly appreciated. I use it like that because it helps me to see lots of text notes related to the same topic visually at the same time. My notes mostly are either short enough so that I could look at the whole note right away, or long and clunky enough that viewing them entirely in Canvas does not feel comfortable, thus the need for quick canvas-to-note and back switch

Does anyone know if there’s a plugin or some steps I might take that might help with that?

If not, should I put this to the “Feature request” or “Plugin ideas” forum?

Things I have tried

I found out that you could open a canvas note in new tab on mobile by long-pressing it and choosing the option from the menu. While that does let me get to the desired note from canvas view, it takes a little more time and it does not allow the quick back/forward navigation.

Basically, I would like to have the ability to change the default double-clicking action in Canvas - right now it’s set to editing and I found no way of changing it. I rarely edit notes in Canvas and would like for editing to be longer click-it-out-the-menu option.

Unfortunately, as I know, there is currently no plugin or feature request that allows double-clicking canvas elements in Obsidian to open them in the same tab. The default behavior is to open them in a new tab, which does not allow for quick back/forward navigation.

However, I think you can use the workaround you mentioned of long-pressing a canvas element and choosing the option to open it in a new tab. This is not as convenient as double-clicking, but it will allow you to open the note in the same tab and use the back/forward buttons.

Thank you very much for the reply!

I was wondering if such an option exist and is hiding somewhere deep in settings or is in seemingly unrelated plugins. As it’s not, I’ll put this into a feature requests

I am happy I could help you!

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