Double click to pin tab (Tabs behaviour like in vscode)

I’m constantly accidentally changing my daily note page to another. Which is annoying. But “pin” process to prevent this behavior is complex. Why not make it like in VS Code, so I can double-click to pin the page and ensure it wouldn’t be closed?


Do you know you can right-click a tab and select “Pin tab”, or is that what feels too complex to you?

It probably goes without saying that pinning can also be easily accomplished with a hotkey, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. While using the hotkey is quite easy, I can imagine that the double click method would be quicker if you wanted to pin a few tabs in a row. Maybe it could be a setting, enabled or disabled in a special section of the hotkeys customizer. In fact, I just created a feature request that would be a perfect place for this type of behavior to be set: Modifiers/clicks/special behavior section within Hotkey editor

It is curious that double clicking isn’t used for anything as of yet. Perhaps double clicking a tab is being reserved for yet another awesome Obsidian feature long in the works.