Double-click to make a link

I would love to see a feature where you can double-click a word to turn it into a link. Often you might be in the flow of just typing ideas, or maybe where you copy some information from elsewhere. But then to go back and double-click key words would be great. Or perhaps CTRL+double-click.

Basically it would be an easy way to create links after the fact.


Agreed. This would be a nice feature to have.

If some kind of Context Menu could appear after double-clicking a word, you could have commands for creating links or other actions based on the selected word.

since we’ve got “new window” feature in the latest version, I prefer to assign double click to “open in new window”.

Or an option in settings to customize it ?

Since it was talked about in 2020, maybe this is already solved, but it would be trivial to do the double-click → link using AutoHotKey. So for anyone looking for a way, give that a go.