Double click the file to open in new tab instead of changing the contents of the current tab

Use case or problem

The current Obsidian only changes the contents of the current tab when you click or double-click on a file in the file list, so to get the file to open in the new tab you need to drag the file to the topmost title bar. This is cumbersome and duplicates functionality.

I understand that there are similar plugins that can support this feature, but considering that the plugins are directly changing the default to open in new tab, they may be missing the ability to open in the current tab, i.e., the new tab and current tab functionality can’t be taken care of. Also the plugin may be a hook program, which can slow down the speed of opening files.

In addition, I understand that there has been a lot of discussion within the community about this issue, so I hope the developers will consider improving the feature.

Proposed solution

It can be used as an optional or not:

  • One click to open the file in current tab.
  • Double click to open the file in new tab.

Current workaround (optional)

Open in new tab
Obsidian Tabs

Related feature requests (optional)

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no, you can use middle-click or ctrl/cmd-click. Just like in web-browsers.

There is also QuickSwitcher++ that deals with the issue of duplicate opening. I’m not sure about your performance decrease claims but that plugin should work fine and give the desired customization to the user. If you are right then Obsidian should improve its plugin API (which they are already doing every day).

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