Double bullets


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

When you do the following in Obsidian:

* First bulleted line
    * Indented bulleted line

it renders the indented bulleted line with two bullets.

Is this intended behavior? It doesn’t seem to be, as

* First bulleted line
    *  Indented bulleted line

only results in one bullet.

What I’m trying to do is put an indented bullet after a blockquote using

> Blockquote
    * Indented bullet

so that the bullet renders as its own indented bullet line (to indicate that it’s a comment on the blockquote), not as part of the blockquote, and not as a code block. This is working except for the double bullet.

I posted this here because I’ve only tested it in iOS, but I suspect this is the case in all versions.

Also: Is this related to the fact that

* * Text

Results in the same behavior, i.e.

    • Text

rather than one indented bullet?

I can confirm it’s true in Windows

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