Don't treat hexadecimal numbers as tags

Use case or problem

I you like a color from some css file and enter #00FFFF or some such hex number it is turned into a tag. You have to remember to put it into some “code” block or such. But if you are downloading a page from the browser with markdownload that has a lot of hex numbers, it is a huge pain to clean up…

Proposed solution

Add an option to recognize hexadecimal numbers and not treat as tags.

Current workaround (optional)

make them code blocks


I use obsidian for a lot of music stuff where I need to use # as a sharp sign - very annoying that it makes things a tag, is there any way to override it?

why don’t you escape the sharp sign, like this \#


If I am entering one item, yes, that makes sense. But if I have a note created with MarkDownload and it has a lot of these hex numbers it is annoyingly tedious. Yes, I can open in an editor and do a regex replace but why not add this as an option. Lots of web technical material/articles and other tech material has hex numbers in the format that starts with #

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pshev, I believe WhiteNoise was replying to Jamier about the “sharp” notation.

Here is some precedence in other apps for comparison. Bear supports hex color codes, doesn’t render them as tags, and turns it into a little color preview, which is pretty neat:


@Jamier you’re asking for something quite a lot more complex and completely different, in my opinion. Hexadecimal color format is predictable and standard. How could the Obsidian developers predict the format of your music notation? You should consider a separate feature request, or plugin-idea. And include examples of your notation.

Otherwise, there are 2 music notation plugins already; “Music Sheet Code Blocks”, and “Scales and Chords”. And you’ll notice both of them put their notation inside a code block.


Because I did not know about that - thank you very much!!