Don't remove legacy editor option..?

In release notes for v0.15.6: “Users currently using the legacy editor will be prompted about the legacy editor going away in a future release.”

I don’t know if it’s a significant burden to maintain the legacy editor, or if there’s a different reason for planning to remove it – apologies if I’ve missed a discussion about this – but I’d like to see it remain as an option.

Use case or problem

I still sometimes like to work in plain Markdown, and would prefer not to switch to a different editor just to see the entire file in raw text.

Proposed solution

Don’t remove legacy editor option…?


The legacy editor going away does not mean that the raw source mode will be going away.
The new editor does not equal Live Preview.
You still have the ability to edit the raw Markdown code.

From the docs:

Legacy editor just means that the underlying editor engine changed.


Ah - thank you for the clarification!

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