Dollar symbol ($) in links is causing issue

I want to insert the following link in my note:$ctx/wbstpcs.showSpoTree?$ctx=design=ca2;header=max;lang=de;rbacId=&pFilterType=1&pPageNr=&pSjNr=1696&pStStudiumNr=&pStartSemester=W&pStpKnotenNr=329476&pStpStpNr=1689

Obsidian tries to parse the $ in the link as a LaTeX expression which results in broken links like this:

You could try it as a Markdown link. That seems to be alright.

- [link text]($ctx/wbstpcs.showSpoTree?$ctx=design=ca2;header=max;lang=de;rbacId=&pFilterType=1&pPageNr=&pSjNr=1696&pStStudiumNr=&pStartSemester=W&pStpKnotenNr=329476&pStpStpNr=1689)

You can use 1 or 2 or 3 backtick sign.


On keyboard backtick is usually near lambda ~ sign.

This seems to be a Live Preview problem — when I switch to Reading View the links render properly.

Might be worth posting a bug report if one doesn’t already exist.

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