Doing literature references in Obsidian or outside (e.g. Zotero)

Hi there,
What is the opinion of the community where to store literature references (e.g. books, articles). Should you do it as a separate Obsidian note (linked to the literature note where you summarize the content that you read) OR just in parallel create a Zotero reference outside. The outside solution has the advantage that you can integrate it with MS word if you write a piece and it doesnt clutter obsidian with a ton of literature references.
Curious to learn others´opinions about the subject.


I’m just getting started, but so far am using Zotero and exporting (to clipboard) the reference. I have Fleeting, Literature, and Permanent (or, Ideas) folders in my one Obsidian Vault. The Literature vault is a series of notes that include the citation output by Zotero; other content is either a brief summary or linked notes for concepts that warrant it. This is nice as some concepts will overlap across sources, so I like to be able to sort the graph by what ideas arose from a given source or by what sources shared a similar idea. Literature/reference “notes” make this possible.

Ideally, it would be trivial to link a reference from Zotero, or reference a link to that Zotero citation (without having to copy and paste it). I’d also like to be able to filter the graph to include only certain folders, for example, so I could exclude the literature if I don’t want to see that level of complexity.

Thanks Icebear,
I like the point with excluding certain folders. I did see that there is a feature request (Graph view: exclude specific folders from being displayed). For fleeting notes, I am using an Incubation folder to work on permanent notes before they reach the quality of a permanent note. I like your point about overlapping sources.

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