Does Obsidian sync official permit filenames with special characters? (πŸ“… ⇄)


I am currently using FolderPro and Dropbox to sync my vaults between Android and Windows. I am thinking about switching to sync and would to love to clarify a few questions before I commit.

What I’d like sync to do

  • sync special characters in filenames, e.g. :date: ⇄ β€” I usually use these characters when I set up a meeting note and it would be incredibly helpful to me if I could access that note on the go
  • sync the entire vault + plugins + other files that might exist inside the vault, e.g. .bib β€” this is something Dropbox does very well
  • offer the type of seamless experience you get with Kindle devices β€” i.e. I open a note on my laptop, make some edits and open the same note on my phone 60 seconds later. The edits from my laptop have been synced and I can resume editing on my phone. If I then return to my laptop 1h later, those edits are there.

Apologies if these questions sound obvious, but having read the help files, searched the forums, and read the sync landing page, I am still not 100% clear on the features.

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Sync will try to sync these files, but they will fail to sync if the target OS/device doesn’t no support them.


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