Does Obsidian support files?

I am searching for a software program that will support imports of

About every type of file, images, pdfs, epubs, word docs, etc. Also would allow URLs and HTML files. Everything could be tagged, and I want to be able to have links between items.

The reason is that I want to dump URLs and PDFs and ePubs in this tool, and then also enter my word documentation on programming and computer tasks. Could link to items within the documentation and tag everything. Kind of a universal bucket.

The closest I have seen is Notion, DevonThink, and Raindrop.

Can Obsidian or any other software do this?

Yes, i have imported all sorts of files into obsidian. If there is a file that the program does not natively support there is probably a plugin that solves that issue :smiley:

Hello Catlikesbest @bryanschmiedeler,

Obsidian is a robust note-taking and knowledge management tool that supports various file types, including text, images, PDFs, and Markdown files. While Obsidian primarily focuses on text-based notes and Markdown files, it does allow you to embed other file types within your notes. For example, you can include images directly in your notes, and Obsidian will display them inline.

However, Obsidian’s support for directly importing and managing non-text file types like PDFs, ePubs, and Word docs is limited compared to specialized document management tools like DevonThink. While you can technically store these files in Obsidian, you may not get the same level of organization and management features as you would in dedicated document management software.

Regarding URLs and HTML files, Obsidian does support linking to external URLs within your notes. You can create clickable links to websites or online resources, which can be useful for referencing online content within your knowledge base. However, Obsidian doesn’t natively support importing or displaying HTML files.

If your primary goal is to have a “universal bucket” for storing and organizing various types of content, including text, images, URLs, and some file types, Obsidian could be a suitable option. It excels in creating a web of interconnected notes with bi-directional linking and tagging capabilities. However, for extensive document management features and broader file type support, you may want to consider using a combination of Obsidian with specialized tools like DevonThink or Raindrop, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

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Yes. You can drag and drop any files into Obsidian (left side bar) and you will see them imported if you turn on this setting in Files and links:

Detect all file extensions
Show files with any extension even if Obsidian can’t open them natively, so that you can link to them and see them in File Explorer and Quick Switcher.

You can use ![[ · ]] or [[ · ]] syntax to link any files. Obsidian will use ![[ · ]] by default.

When using Canvas you need to turn on Filters→Attachments.

Page preview supports image, video and pdf files. This is decent considering that most computers open up docx files under half second, hence preview not supporting docx is not major issue. You get a clickable link in your note regardless the file type. If Obsidian cannot display the file natively, then the corresponding application will open.

(mac os) Obsidian gives Reveal in Finder context menu command and you can use mac os feature Quick Look to skim multiple docx, xlsx, pptx etc files quickly inside a folder. When you perform searches in Finder, you get search results inside pdf, docx, pptx etc files.