Does not work Graph

Hello! A bug constantly occurs, circles and communication lines disappear in the graphics. The error can occur immediately or maybe after 10 minutes of the application. Link to video with error -

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I can’t reproduce your problem. What are you computer spec? What is your installer version?

windows 7 64 intel xeon e5 2670 32 gb Ram geforce 1060. Installer 0.11.0. Thank.

If I give a link to the database folder will it help? Link to the database folder, I hope it will be useful. I am sorry for my english.

I don’t think the problem is in your vault. I think you have a problem with your gpu.
Either you are not running obsidian on the 1060 or if running on the the 1060, it’s not working properly.
What does ctrl-shift-i show on the console screen?


yes, I think you have a problem with you GPU/driver.
You can try to fix your driver problem, you can even try to run obsidian in CPU mode.
obsidian.exe --disable-gpu

Sorry, there’s not much we can do about it.

Thank you very much, You helped a lot!