Does it have the following features?

#1 - how to import huge text files (.txt files) instead of manually creating each and every text files manually? Is it possible to convert (.txt) files to docbox format quickly?

#2 - The highlight on search would highlight the text inside the content in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level.

#3 - share notebook which has all notes as READ ONLY with FULL text search

Obsidian doesn’t read .txt files by default (tho there are community plugins that enable it to some degree). If by “docbox” you mean “Markdown”, use a renaming app to change the .txt file extensions to .md, then use your system file manager (Finder, Windows Explorer, etc.) move the files into your vault folder.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

There’s no built-in feature that does this. People have asked about it before, so search the forum to read about it. Because the notes are just plain text files, there are many potential ways to share them. For example, you could share a public read-only link from Dropbox, or publish the notes using a static site generator.

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  1. Text files
    • Obsidian uses .md files
    • Obsidian can import .txt files and open them in your local text-editing app.
    • If you want them in .md format, just change the extension from .txt to .md or use some other method of conversion
  2. Obsidian searches files in folders, subfolders, etc – if that is what you mean
  3. Share what notebook? With who? In what format? Where and how? With OS-level OCR and text-selection tools (especially in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS) there really is no such thing as read-only format. You always have the option to open the local .md Obsidian files in another app that will endeavour to fake what you want or output through Pandoc etc
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