Does anybody use Obsidian for meeting/ reference notes?


a new Obsidian user here and trying to get some semblance on my workflow. I currently take meeting notes in Drafts and can easily start doing this in Obsidian or just create an action that takes stuff from Drafts > Obsidian.

My notes are mostly there as a reference tool so I can go back to them and digest anything I need to help me do my job.

Just wondering how others record meeting notes that are there for reference purposes etc. I’m looking to keep things as simple as possible, hence whY i’m looking at retaining them within Obsidian.

I am not doing anything out of the ordinary with Zettelkasten etc but I am still wondering if Obsidian is suitable as a filing cabinet for my use case above.

Look forward to some stories on what others are doing!


I do use Obsidian to keep track of meeting notes along with regular syncs. I usually keep a single note for each unique person. I’ll then also link out to other notes based on the subjects and discussion. It works well so far :man_shrugging:

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I take notes for meetings using my daily note. When I do my daily review, I review it and create permanent notes for key information. I link the permanent note to the daily note. This allows me to go back if I need to.


thanks mate - appreciate the quick response. Sounds like it could work! I will possibly do something similar and create a page for each person too - that sounds like an elegant way to join the dots

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Great suggestion!! I am going to take the idea from @functionalstoic of having a page per person along with your idea on keeping the base info in the daily note

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I often take meeting notes… usually do a separate note in manual outline form (just use normal markdown and indents, bullets, etc.)

I use a zettlekasten style name with the addition of the meeting name (YYYY-mm-ddTHH.MM.SS-Review meeting).

I’ll link to them from my daily note.

Not fancy, but where I’m at right now.


@jelphd (or others) this may seem like a minor detail, but I’m curious if you’ve come up with a pithy yet descriptive naming convention for meeting notes.

I haven’t put any attention into this naming and I have a plethora of meeting notes which are “Call with Name on Date” (e.g. “Call with Jonathan Lasinsky on 2022-03-21” or “2022-03-21 Call with Jonathan”)

Looking back over them it’s a bit of an inconsistent mess :face_holding_back_tears: so thinking it’s about time I added some structure.

Curious what you/others do.

I start all my journal notes with a date, followed by the subject. I abbreviate “conversation with” as “cw” and “regarding” as “re”. So most of my meeting note titles look like this:

2022-03-03 cw Jeff re marketing push
2022-03-04 cw Recruiting re new requirements
2022-03-05 Team Standup
2022-03-06 Project X Sprint Review

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I do pretty much the same as @Craig except for the abbreviations. E.g., I have

2022-03-20 1x1 with Chen
2022-03-21 Project X

Then, I link to these meeting notes from the corresponding people / project notes (e.g., [[Chen]], [[Project X]]).

In the meeting note itself, I usually use people links to signify who said what. Something like:

# 2022-03-22 [[Project X]] Sync

- Discussing timeline
  - [[Chen]]: We're late on the deliverables for milestone 1
  - [[Ram]]: We can cut feature Y and still make it on time
- Discussing feature Z
  - [[Shaul]]: User studies show...