Does ANY HTML work in Obsidian w/local files?

<img src="file:///D:/Norm/GFiles/0bVault/0bsND/Resources/Images/FoxIco.png" alt="FoxIco" style="zoom:25%;" />aegiswiz

For Sync etc.

<img src="D:\Norm\GFiles\0bVault\0bsND\Resources\Images\FoxIco.png" alt="FoxIco" style="zoom:25%;" />

Typora & 15 other programs This or something very similar…


It honestly doesn’t work no matter what… with any local files. You can open a local file by making a Windows shortcut to it, then link to the shortcut.

This has me furious with frustration.

You can link to http:\, https:\ and no trouble linking to an Image in a vault with markdown.

I think this came about around the same time obsidian:// was added to the registry, but I’m not certain. I’ve spent hours and hours at this.

In markdown, wiki, etc. when I can’t get it to display what I want, I’ve always been able to get things to work with html w/inline css. Obsidian simply refuses to recognize html with anything local. My 35+ years of experience troubleshooting, programming, building computers ad nausea is worthless.

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Sorry about the frustration. This is an Electron issue, and actually @Licat has been working with Electron’s developers to resolve the problem since early August! Progress is steady, so hopefully we’ll be able to link to local files soon.


There is a workaround - prepend app://local/ as described here Allow embed of Local images using ![](file:///...) - #4 by halfelixir

How strange, because when same Markdown document open in Microsoft VS Code, their editor can correctly preview local images. As far as I know, VS Code is also an electron based application.

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