Documentation search index not updated

Once you’ve done the above, delete everything above this line.

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to
Enter “pane” in search.
Click on “Linked pane” result

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

Yes, to the extent applicable.

Expected result

Help on panes.

Actual result

No help on panes.



Additional information

This is a bug with the application to the extent that the documentation for the application is part of the application.

pane is a term we no longer use. There are tabs and tab groups.
What you see in search is just a redirect.

I was tying to figure out how to show three things in the right sidebar: links, backlinks, and local graph.

I got confused by the language in the help, and I assumed it was an oversight. However, you’re telling me that each of those boxes in the sidebar are called “tab groups” and the tab groups show “tabs” that are also referred to as “linked views”?

Linked views are tabs that reference a different tab. When the content of the referenced tab changes, the linked view changes as well.

For note tabs, you can use the following plugins as linked views:

I guess that matches the documentation, but I had to read it a dozen times to understand. It’s confusing that you’d give everything the same name.

I was assuming that tab groups was something like Chrome where you can have groups of tabs, and that I just hadn’t found the functionality yet.

I was afraid to click on the “link tab” option because I wasn’t sure how to unlink a tab, and I didn’t want to create something I couldn’t undo.

If pane is a word that is no longer in use, it shouldn’t be in the help. It’s a bug that you can’t find the term in the help which is returned by the search.

Maybe the post here can help a bit:

The diagram is helpful and I think it should be in the documentation. However, it’s incomplete and there’s a minor point of conflict.

  1. Incomplete - This diagram is nice, but still doesn’t address the elements of the UI that are not tabs, unless everything is truly a tab. Even if everything is a tab there are problems because you have linked views, local graphs, sidebars (what are they, areas or tabs that happen to be on the side?).

  2. Minor conflict - I think the box that holds a single tab is still a tab group, technically within the definitions provided.

Having dug into this, and I wish I wouldn’t have, I really think the word “pane” is an important term that needs to be retained. There’s no reason that a group of tabs can’t reside within in a pane.

I don’t think I’ll use the forum in the future because of the 7 day window. I feel that I’m more likely to create long winded comments that are going to go stale, both wasting people’s time and depriving them of an answer. I would much rather see something like StackOverflow or Reddit where you can vote, comment indefinitely, link, and curate answers and questions.

Yes, of course. One tab is a potential tab group. If there are two or more tabs there, it is a tab group. This isn’t the official stance; it’s just my thinking. Just a tab is the label.