Documentation: Make the "embed note" feature more prominent

The “embed note” feature is wonderful! It has big implications for how I will build out my repository.


As things stand, I think the Obsidian docs bury the lede on the “embed note” feature a bit, by mentioning it only as a subsection of the Embed files page.

I suggest you give this feature a top-level heading within the “How to” section, with the name “Embed notes”.

My experience, for what it’s worth

It took me two months of daily use (and relatively regular browsing of the docs) to discover that this feature exists. It had not occurred to me that the feature might exist, so I had not thought to search for “embed note” or similar phrases.

I discovered the feature because it was mentioned in the description of a community plugin.

For me, the heading “Embed files” suggests “embed non-note files”, so I probably would not have thought to look under that heading even if I had thought to look for an “embed note” function. Not idea what fraction of others would read it that way.

n=1. Maybe others can chime in.

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