Documentation for folding states that folding can be turned off

The documentation for Folding in the Obsidian Help Vault states that you can turn off folding.

In Documentatio Vault both folding options are turned off by default.

The documentation vault should have both folding options turned on when installed.

And there should be a documentation tag for bugs.

Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll consider them but they are not bugs.
You can add your own tags to the reports.

When a new user works through the help vault on a new installation, folding is off.

This is confusing for the user, because there is nothing to fold if you just follow along the help vault. So you can spend a long time trying to look for the folding thing to click. Or fiddle with the indentation to make it work. A bad out of the box experience for new users.

To fix it I suggest either

  • turning on the folding options in the help vault so these are on when installed (preferred)
  • or changing the text to prompt the user to go to settings and turn on folding to run that example on that page.
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Do you want me to send you these small things on Discord instead of here?
I am just doing a bit of QA.