Document and Record Management in Obsidian?

Hi All.

Just going down a rabbit hole here, and most rabbit holes are normally pre-trodden by people, so let’s see how many of you have gone down this one.

Now that I have obsidian delivering me everything, everywhere, knowledge and thinking wise, why wouldn’t I use to do Document and Record management for my personal life as well?

I am sitting here staring at my filing cabinet, full of bills, and bank statements, and credit card statements, and medical things, and house things, and whatever else is in the damn thing, and yet now, I have stuff that arrives via email as well as snail mail, and I have a disparate collection of important things. I have rules on my email and lots of folders in my email, but it feels like I am stuck in the 1990’s.

So I thinking of a folder structure in my vault, that links out to my iCloud. And moving fully digital with everything, and then tying it all back to a nice MOC in Obsidian. Surely other people are doing this to…



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I don’t recommend putting the extra energy to make your existing documents 100% accessible in Obsidian. They are already accessible by other means. Depending where and how you live, you can store and organize physical documents. This is much more efficient work flow than first digitalizing them. You could even do the opposite and print important documents and then organize them. Eventually it all comes down to what your girlfriend/wife thinks about having shelfs full of documents.

I store everything in Obsidian.

I am using one folder to store all “attachments” (documents, pictures, etc.) in it. There are no sub-folders. The naming convention follows the Dendron notation (style), e.g., urban-dive.invoice.NUMBER and for the payment urban-dive.invoice.NUMBER.payment.

Everything is nicely sorted.

I can find anything immediately, even with partial searches. For the example above: .invoice. .payment displays all invoices I have paid.

Any approach is good and boils down to your own preference.

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It’s unclear if you’re using iCloud for syncing your vault, or if you’re using another sync service but want to somehow link out to files in iCloud that aren’t directly managed by Obsidian.

If you’re using iCloud for sync, I would think twice about throwing lots of scanned documents into it given this issue: