Do you want to apply Zettelkasten on your notes, but prefer folder structure? Problem solved

Hi All!
In Zettelkasten, everything is up to the links of the notes. To get your links organized in a conservative way as well, you should maintain index notes, which store a set of links. Of course, folders can provide this view, but putting the notes into folders does not solve the problem completely, as a “folder” is not an implicit index note. Therefore, you have to keep and maintain an index file for each folder. And this makes the whole system a bit more difficult, because if you move a note from a folder to another, you have to maintain your index files by removing the note link from the source folder’s index, and putting it to the target folder’s index.
Hence, I created an app called ZoottelKeeper that handles and maintains all the index files in your notes’ folder, recursively. It runs as a daemon, recognizes that something is changed within the folder, and updates the index files of the affected folders. Here you can try it if you want, and of course, any feedback, bug report, and improvement request are welcome:


Hello, this looks great!
Do you think you could make it into an Obsidian plugin?

Hi @y.h !

Sorry for the long silence, but now its out as a plugin as well, please take a look at it among the plugins, it’s called - no surprise - Zoottelkeeper.