Do you use a H1 title in your note?

I am curious to know if people use a title within their notes?

I used to but recently started to remove them. I had the following template for default notes …

created: {{date}} {{time}}
updated: =this.file.mtime

To show the title (effectively the note name, the date the note was created and a dataview query to show the date the note was changed for the last time.

But now I have changed to only …

Tags : #2021/12

to register in which month I created the note.

Related question, I have searched for a nice them that shows the page name at the top somewhat bigger then the regular font and bold. Anybody knows which theme does that.

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I use this for the Title in my notes;

# ``

If I change the name of the file, the Title will be updated when I reload the note.


I use a lot of H1 ones… that’s my default section header. I don’t use it as doc title anymore. My filename is my page title.

I used to set a H1 as the title of the note, but I stopped because it interrupted my workflow. Specifically, I started using keyboard shortcuts for folding & unfolding headings for some of my non-atomic notes. Some of these notes can be rather long (e.g. documentation of my personal setup for something), so folding became an essential way to navigate these larger notes.

I like using H1 titles in my topic notes. It ties the page together and separates the page content from the metadata.


On the other hand, I like to keep my detail notes as free of structure as possible (e.g. usually no page titles, tags, fields, etc.), so that they are easy to organize, preview, transclude, and print.

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