Do you place a heading at the top of your file?

Well, as the title says — do you leave it at the filename to describe the file’s contents, or do you use a. # Heading as well? I think headings are better for flexibility (they are visible in every other editor as well), but then you have some minor problems with notes transclusion (you basically have to link to the heading directly, to prevent duplication, which is worse for transferability to other apps).


See related feature request:


I have the same question. Do you add an h1 at the top of your files? If so, why? If not, why?

Newbies need your wisdom.

I thought this would be good for future-proofing: the file is complete as an html file w/ the h1 at the top. It also allows a slightly different title than the file name.

However, it makes some things in Obsidian annoying.

For example, it makes file embeds look dumb. (I do a hack now where a top paragraph is a summary of the note with the title in bold and a brief description that I can include as a block in place of a standard internal link.)

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I don’t. I think that the Markdown-based note-taking tools I care about rely on the filesystem for organization and filesystem metadata (i.e. filename) whenever possible. So having the title at the top is redundant and is annoying in Obsidian transclusions/embeds.

I’m guessing that the supposed “best practice” of having the title in a heading at the top of Markdown content makes more sense when you’re talking about an isolated Markdown document as a whole; e.g., if you copy-and-paste a Markdown note to send to someone.

Having said that, I would prefer to have the canonical title in the frontmatter and wait for to be implemented in Obsidian core