Do Sync Plus users get 10 remote vaults? Or a single remote vault that can accept connections with up to 10 local vaults?

Per Obsidian’s website:

You can connect multiple local vaults to your remote vault. When you make a change to a local vault, that change is saved to the connected remote vault. Your change is then synced across all the local vaults you’ve connected to that remote vault.

I’m a bit confused about what this means (I just paid for a one month trial of Sync Plus). Does this mean I get 10 remote vaults? Or do I get one remote vault that I can connect with up to 10 local vaults? If I get 10 remote vaults, can I connect as many local vaults as I want to those 10 remote vaults? I’m also very confused about how shared vaults would work in this context.

You get 10 remote vaults. Also this

And this

This is helpful - thanks. I’m still a bit confused about connecting local vaults though. I just created a remote vault and see an option to connect a local vault. I also see that multiple local vaults can be connected to a remote vault. If I share my remote vault with another Sync user, can that user see all of the local vaults that I’ve connected to the remote vault? Or can I pick and choose which ones I want to be visible/shared?

They’ll be able to see everything that you uploaded to that remote vault from every device (local vaults)

Noted - thanks.