Do something with the audio recorder already, please

Have the developers themselves tried using the audio recorder in the mobile version? I think not. Because in the mobile version, it’s absolutely impossible to know if the recording has started. The change of the icon color doesn’t work there. And even if it did, how convenient is it, in your opinion, to check it in the hamburger menu? Wouldn’t it be much better to display a pop-up menu, similar to the one that appears when deleting a file, with just one STOP button!? Ideally, it could also display a timer for the recording, but even without it, it would be usable. For those who don’t need it and find it convenient to guess whether the recording has started by the stars in the sky, add ability to disable tooltip in extension settings. Because if, for example, you need to record some chaotic long thought that is not worth typing out and has no structure, but it’s easier to record it on a audio recorder and then organize it, the current implementation is absolutely not suitable for this. I understand that this is not the main purpose of the application but just an additional feature. And if the audio recorder, like the ability to draw, create tasks or reminders, were not implemented, you wouldn’t see this comment. Because it’s a markdown note taker with all its limitations. It’s just not its priority. But if you are already incorporating such features, please bring them to a reasonable state so that they can be used, not just for the sake of having them. I am very surprised by the approach where standard things in the note taker world are not implemented to attract a larger audience, and the emphasis is on things that may need to be implemented, but only after the basics. Just look at the features implemented by the major players in the market to understand what people need the most. Because without these things, many will continue to simply ignore this excellent application.

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