Do obsidian can handle my setup?

What I’m trying to do

Hi, I would like to achieve setup and I would like to ask you, more experienced users, if this is possible with obsidian, and if yes then how to do it in the best way (without extra work to do to sync)
Right now I have my private vault in iCloud, and when I’m on PC, it’s doing backup automatically on pCloud as this is my main cloud storage. (If I could get rid of iCloud and use pCloud, that would be perfect)
I love the idea of having control over my files, and that they are in a simple format that I could read even in notepad

I would like to have 3 vaults, first private for myself, second private for my GF, and third shared between two of us
I’m using iPhone, mac, and windows, she is using android and windows
If I would like to use sync, would I need to pay for 2 accounts? Or it is per vaults, so I could cover those 3 vaults with one payment?

Is it possible to set up obsidian in that way? Do you have any suggestions?

If you already use pCloud you don’t need to pay for any sync. Just sync using pCloud to all your devices.

However to answer the question, it’s 10 vaults covered with a single sync account.

The issue with pCloud is that I’m not able to sync directly from my iPhone, so first I’m syncing to iCloud, and then whenever I’m on PC it will do backup to pCloud. And this will work but only for me. GF and I want to have shared space. And this is an issue, because pCloud is not in sync if I’m not on my PC, so it will be super easy to get conflicts in files if we both will start to add things there from phones. So I’m looking for an alternative solution.

In my mind sync seems like the only hassle-free (to not have to remember to click sync before and after change) solution, and to not have to deal with conflicts as we have all possible platforms (android, iOS, macOS, windows, Linux) am I right?

Also do I understand correctly, If I have sync, and I will invite her to my vault, she doesn’t need to have sync bought, changes will be kept on my account?

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