Do not hide copy icon when cursor is focused on a code block

Use case or problem

I frequently copy things code blocks but I realized that when I try to copy text from currently focused code block the copy button at the top right is hidden. So I have to do 2 things:
1. Click any other place to unfocus my currently focused code block so the copy icon comes back.
2. Select all text in current code block and then use ctrl+c.

Which is extract steps. All of these could be gone if copy button doesn’t go hiding on focus on a code block.

Proposed solution

Just do not hide copy button of code block when it is focused. If an example is needed Notion’s code block is perfect for that aspect.
- Copy button doesn’t hide when code block is focused.
- When press ctrl+a, it doesn’t select whole page, just all text inside code block. (Obsidian should also have this feature)


Created account just to +1 this. I use this as a OneNote replacement. Lots of code blocks that I would like to copy, but can’t because the copy button disappears.

+1 this would be really useful