Divide terms in custom properties

What I’m trying to do

I created custom properties, one of them called “author/s”, if I put 1 author it’s okay. The problem is when I need to put multiple authors, because It is treated as 1 author for obsidian. I want obsidian to someway understand that this is not 1 author but more.

Things I have tried

The only thing that “seemingly” works is make the author/s tags, but I don’t want that, and it’s not exactly what I need.

Not a problem:
author/s: George R.R. Martin

author/s: George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling

These aren’t “two authors” in the property, it’s one author with a strange name according to obsidian.

Make one property key name: authors (don’t worry about plurals).
Click on the property and adjust it to list.
Then you can add more than one value (don’t use commas like you did):

  - Some Name
  - Another Name

It was that easy?! God, I don’t really understand this coding thing.
Thank you so much!!!

The problem from childhood is that others want to force their logic on fresh-outta-womb geniuses.

author in the singular would make more sense but now that core properties tags, aliases and cssclasses are in the plural, why not go whole hog…