Displaying specific text from a formula sheet in an embed

Things I have tried

Looking into embeds help page
Some googling
Found this that is close to what itd want, but I dont want every embed to be naked

What I’m trying to do

So far I have somewhat successfully done this using block links
I have a formula sheet note with likes like this

$$\Large\vec{v} = \sqrt{\vec{v}_x^2+\vec{v}_y^2}$$ ^vecMagnitude

and then I link to it in seperate documents like this

![[Formula Sheet#^vecMagnitude]]

And this almost works for me, and looks like this

But the embed outline is pretty annoying here, and it’d like to get rid of it
Ideally it would look like this, completely seamless (although a link icon would probably be fine)

Is there anyway I can do this? Even better would be intext embeds like this but I doubt I can do that with embeds, maybe theres some latex trick that lets me bypass using embeds completely?

I am pretty new to both obsidian and latex, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I have now found some latex magic using the command making to just make a command that displays the function I want, but its still not ideal because its a little buggy creating them in obsidian. Maybe if anyone has a way to make a few latex commands run when I open the vault it’d be better (and have a way to refresh it without restarting)

How do you decide when you want naked embeds vs. regular? If it’s per-note, you can use the metadata header cssclass:, e.g., cssclass: mathnote, to selectively enable naked embeds.

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