Displaying content from pages on a new note

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

How do I display the content instead of the page/note name? Is that possible? For example, look at my snapshot. I created a folder called Verses, and I put 2 separate verses as a separate note each. Then, I created a folder called Topics, and under that I created a topic/note page called “faith”, but I want it to show the content of the 2 verses under the topic faith. Thoughts??!

Transclusion / embed files.

Just need to add an exclamation mark before the links:

![[Hebrews 11.1]]
![[Romans 10.17]]


Awesome, thank you, that got it! Is there a plugin that easily customizes that parituclar note page for the note with those exclamation marks?


The look of the embedded notes? Don’t know of a plugin, but CSS can change the look of everything.

See: How do I embed notes without the title - #4 by Moonbase59


Thank you!

Is there a way to display just certain parts of my pictures that I attached? What I am doing is writing a bunch of handwritten notes, and then I import those jpg files and attach them into a folder in Obsidian. However, what I want to do is then be able to tag and display on certain parts of the picture which contains my handwritten notes. Take a look at snapshot. Thoughts here please? Thank you

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