Display two dots instead of slash for subtags

Hello all,
That may sound dumb but I wish the preview could optionally display for instance:
#status:to-do instead of #status/to-do
#domain:biology instead of #domain/biology
etc., but still
It just looks more natural. Maybe this could become a display option for tags, or implemented in a plugin, or maybe it’s just silly. What do you think?

The slash is widely used as a separator for hierarchies — see web addresses and file paths (Windows uses backslash for files paths but everything else uses slash). Maybe if you look at more of them it’ll help you come to terms with it? :slight_smile:

I doubt there’s enough demand for a core feature, but all a plugin requires is 1 person who knows how and cares enough.

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Yes I know about the slash, I’ve been working in IT for a while :sweat_smile:
It’s just a cosmetic tweak that I would find nice for this specific use-case :slight_smile:
Since I have a limited number of main tags I can mimic that with css by hiding the first characters and replacing them with a :before content but it’s awfully ugly.

Sure, the heart wants what it wants. :slight_smile:

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