Display transclusion from block link the same way itd look as text

What I’m trying to do

Create a simple interconnected list, where if you check the content of checkbox that is a framework, the checkbox is automatically check for all other checkboxes with that same content and the framework table

Things I have tried

Following this previous topic:

It was concluded that the best way to interconnect checkboxes is using a block link, meaning that instead of typing the contents each time, you transclude a link of a block link from the ‘main’ list

The problem of this method is how the transclusion of the block link is displayed. There are extra spacings around the transcluded element and a copy icon on the top right. When you want to do that to multiple individual checkboxes from a list, it gets really cluttered, and the spacing ruins the nice and tidy appearence the list had. When you have to do that to tens of frameworks the list size gets 5x bigger only from all the spacing.

Is there a way for

to look exacly like:

  • framework name

considering that frameworks contains “ framework name ^framework1” as a line

tldr: display the content from transclusion, the same as itd look when typed simply with text

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